Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend at Waterpark

We went to a waterpark to celebrate a long weekend off school. We met Jay and Lexi, and lots of members from their family, Dad B &D and my sister L and her family. It was nice because pretty much everywhere we went we saw familiar faces. We had the option of taking a shuttle over to the casino but instead decided to stay at the waterpark hotel and play card games without losing our shirt!

We took these pictures and I realized that in the distant future this would be my idea of heaven. Friends and family relaxing together, laughing and playing games.

On the way home we even stopped to take Dori out to lunch!

It was a very nice short vacation. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Energy Crisis

As a child I thought the energy crisis had been invented by crazy parents like my Dad who would wander around the house yelling out numbers as he counted how many lights had been left on in the rooms no one was in. (Its horrible because now as an adult I often wander around my own house counting how many lights my kids leave on after they leave a room!)

I long ago proved that the energy crisis was made up. There were commercials on TV when I was 6 or 7 that told kids that to help with the energy crisis we should turn off the water while we brushed our teeth. The announcer told us that there was a water shortage and we needed to do our part to help save water. Pa-leeze! There was no water shortage! .... I really doubted that were true- so one day I turned on the bathroom faucet full blast then went off to watch episodes of Sesame Street, Electric Company and Captain Kangaroo. I came back into the bathroom and the water was still pouring out!!  Since we lived in a city and we paid by how much we consumed.... all I can say now is: my poor Dad!!   :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh no... "Star-get"

Two of Pepper's biggest expenditures and addictions are the store: Target and the coffee house: Starbucks. I was just in a local Target today and saw this sign! Oy, our bank account is in trouble! To make things worse, the store is almost on our way home from work..... and Pepper loves a "long cut" (the opposite of a short cut!)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Giant's lunch

As a group of kindergartners went into the lunch room I noticed the tray included chicken patties without a bun.

One of the kids also noticed what was on the tray and said to me, "Wow! We are having a giant people's chicken nugget!"


Friday, February 1, 2013

I see Old people....

Pepper and I were getting ready for bed one night and she was looking in the mirror. She tells me she notices a wrinkle.

Me: Wrinkles are a sign of a good, long life.

Pepper: I don't like them.

Me: (changing tactics) Well, many cultures honor and respect older people for their wisdom.

Pepper: I respect old people... I just don't want to be one!!