Monday, February 21, 2011

My computer is better than a top 40 DJ ....

I realized this morning that I have a very smart computer…. I picked one song I wanted to listen to and my computer went through all my music and picked songs with the same “feel” and played them for a very long time! It kept me in a joyful, happy mood all morning.

In the “olden days” I had to read the backs of jacket covers (after finding the records and tapes that my sisters had “borrowed”) then I either had to get the needle to the right spot after counting the lines in the vinyl or fast forward and rewind the tape until I got it to the right place.

It is amazing, I remember when I had tons of records and couldn’t find anything that I really wanted to listen to. Just proves…. iTunes knows me better than I do!! :)

OK readers, now I’m gonna blog about how I used to walk to school~ uphill….. both ways!! ;)

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