Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pepper's birthday

Today is Pepper’s 45th birthday. She does not really like birthdays. Oh, she likes getting gifts and she doesn’t mind being woken up by our family’s off-key singing. She loves the birthday cake her mom always makes for her and getting cards and flowers. She loves that we go out to dinner and treat her extra special. I think what she doesn’t like is that “plus one”. The kids we work with who are in kindergarten often ask each other “What’s your number?” Meaning: are they 5 or 6? But having a birthday is putting a lot of focus on that “plus one”.

My father used to always say clever things like “It beats the alternative” and “It not the years, it’s the mileage” which I think are both true. Personally, I sometimes forget how old I am and often need to do the math just to figure out what my current “number” is! (This could also be due to poor memory recall that could or could not be related to the aging process!)

Happy birthday Pepper! Thanks for spending so many of them with me. Looking forward to many, many more!! ☺

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  1. Pepper, 45 is the new 35, which is the new 25 so you aren't even 30 yet!! Enjoy your special day!!