Friday, December 9, 2011

"I wanna talk to Mom!"

In the car the other day the kids were talking about phones. Macy was impressing us by rattling off everyone's phone numbers very rapidly after I said that kids do not have to remember things like we used to in the "olden" days! It reminded me of the first time I called home to talk to my Mom after heading off to college. I dialed the number and was disappointed that it wasn't my mother that answered. I could not tell which one of my sister's had answered so I just said,
"Let me talk to mom."

The response was: "No!"

"Quit fooling around, just get Mom" I said.

"Who is this?" Now I was getting angry. I hated when my sisters played this game. I'd only been away at college a week. It was soooo funny to pretend they forgot me.

me: "Very funny, just get Mom."

"Tell me who this is"

me: "fine, this is Ilene, now get Mom."

"I don't know an Ilene"

me: "Would you quit?! This is your SISTER! Just get Mom!"

"I don't have a sister."

me: "What is your problem? Is she there?"

"My Mom is here, not yours"

me: "What is your problem? You know this is not funny at all, right?"

"Its my Mom, not yours. I am an only child"

me: "What? Who is this?"


I was slow, it is starting... (just starting) to sink in that I might have the wrong number.

me: "Is this number 234-5678?"


me: "That's MY number!"

"No, its my number"

It now, (suddenly and finally) occurs to me that I am far from home.... in a different AREA CODE!)

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