Friday, November 9, 2012

Cat tails

As a kid, when I went camping we always had s’mores. When I first started camping with Jay in college she introduced me to Cat tails. Cat tails are made by using a canned biscuit (Jay says the cheap, generic brand are fine) rolled out into a “snake” then wound around the s’more stick. It is cooked by browning above the fire. (This takes patience or burned biscuits could result!)

Once the biscuit is cooked (its done when the biscuit will turn easily around the stick) you take it off and roll it around on a stick of butter (similar to the way you’d roll an ear of corn) then dipped into a mixture of cinnamon and sugar (more sugar than cinnamon). The end result tastes like a sugar-cinnamon donut.

Our kids and most of their friends now know about cat tails. Over the years anyone that has camped with us has had them. They are very good and I am sure we have shared the recipe with many people. When Dill was little he’d ask for “cotton tails” when we camped….. we knew what he meant and were happy to pull out the ingredients. 

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