Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ned's Head

One of the games we played this week at school was “Ned’s Head” which is a game where the kids have to feel and identify all sorts of gross disgusting things in Ned’s head and match the card they pick out of a pile. These are things like a giant ant, a dirty old Q-tip, and the favorite of the boys in my group…. Ned’s used lunch. (A big plastic slab of vomit)

One item is a huge, decaying tooth. One of my students pulled this out and I said, “Wow! That is a big tooth! I bet the tooth fairy would give a lot of money for that!” The student considered this for a minute and said, “No, she wouldn’t”

I was surprised, so I asked why not. He said, “The Easter Bunny will give anything cuz he’s got lots of stuff he needs to get rid of, Santa only comes if you are good, but the Tooth Fairy is the smartest…. Fake tooth, fake money.” I love kindergartener logic. J

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