Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pete's Bra!?!

What could make a Mom prouder than hearing her son say, "Wait until I show you my new bra!!" Pete got the part of Baloo in his school play "The Jungle Book". His favorite costume is when he dances with the Ape that wants to learn the secret of Fire. He gets to wear a grass skirt and a coconut shell bra. He is quite the sight! What's funny is how great all his friends think the costume is! I was a little worried that they would tease him about the bra... but the good thing about 5th grade boys are that bra's are such a mystery that even coconut ones are fascinating to them.

Pete has had a full week. He has rehearsal every day after school because of his play. Plus he got two more roles in other plays the school is putting on. He seems to have more homework every night then all of our other four kids combined... and he left for his school trip to Washington DC tonight. He has a long Bus ride with Dad B. tonight and then a whirlwind tour of everything DC has to offer, then his play opens! Pete is our easy-going guy, but the way he is keeping this all together is quite impressive! I can't wait for opening night.... if you are there, look for our boy, he will be the one with a much bigger cup size than me!! :)

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