Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stinky Feet

Pete had a great time in Washington D.C. for his class trip. He and Dad B went together. It was 4 busloads of 5th graders and their parent of choice and lots of teachers. They did all the usual things you do in D.C. The Air and Space Museum, Arlington Cemetery, The Capitol Building... we heard three stories when Pete and Dad B got back.

Third favorite.... the hotel management was upset because SOMEONE (I know him!!) plugged up a bunch of toilets and overflowed them then stuck their hand in a tray of bacon so it all had to be removed and thrown away.

Second favorite.....Pete got to pick the bed he and Dad B would sleep in. Either the soft comfy queen size or the lumpy pull out.... the other Father/son they were sharing the room with got the other. Pete picked the pull out. Why? It had a better view of the TV! Dad B's back was thrilled!! :)

First favorite.... One of the kids on another bus took his shoes off. Everyone in the area moaned and told him to put them back on. He picked up his sock and waved it under the nose of the kid sitting near him. This kid had just eaten.... a lot. He threw up... all over the stinky feet kid. That made the stinky feet kid throw up... after that it was a vomit fest.

What a joy class trips are!!! Doesn't it just make you want to run out and teach fifth grade?!!! I know that father and son both had fun. I am glad they enjoyed the time together and really happy to have them back home. :)


  1. Ewwww vomit fest on the bus? Poor bus driver! Poor chaperones! Were poor Pete and Dad B. on the vomit filled bus? Oh that is gross enough to make me want to throw up now......

    Also, did the toilet clogger clog the toilets in order to stick their hand into the bacon, or are these unrelated but done by the same person incidents? Do you know a bacon hater???

  2. Pete says that no one knows who the mystery someone is... but that person comes to our house a lot. My kids always say: "I didn't do it Someone Else did!!" I think Someone is just this rotten kids first name!!!

    Pete does not know the bacon hater, the toilet clogger or the stinky feet kid. They were not on the same bus. :)