Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Vacation: Orlando part 5

One of the topics that we had been tossing around was the age that the kids would do best at the Disney parks. Pepper and I took Dori when she was 3. We went with Jay and her son and a couple of her nieces. Everyone had fun on that trip but it was hard with such young kids. There was whining and complaining. They got tired feet and wanted to be carried. There were strollers and asking for food that they then didn't want to eat.

When my Mom passed away she left us some money which my sisters and I wanted to use on a trip to Disney with our kids. The trip was going to be a gift from "Grandma" and we had discussed what age the kids should all be when we go. We knew that all the kids needed to be at least 5.... but I have to say my new Magic Kingdom number is 8. I'm going to have to talk to my sisters soon about that trip.

Our kids did FANTASTIC at Magic Kingdom. It was a joy to spend the day with them!! They tried things that they may not have chosen to do without complaint. They carried their own stuff. Walked on their own feet. Made reasonable requests and did not cry when they were told no. Our kids noticed lots of younger kids NOT having fun while we were there. Dill stared with wide eyes as a Dad spanked his toddler for whining and complaining that it was hot... Dori made a comment that that family did not look like they were enjoying the Kingdom's Magic! I noticed a young family with a two year old and a newborn trying to locate diapers in the bottom of a huge diaper bag. As we were leaving, all 4 of our kids were tired but they walked out without needing to be carried like many of the kids on the ferry needed to be. In the picture above was a very cool stroller for triplets... but watching the parents steering through the crowds did not make me envy them at all!! Yep, at least 8. We probably did this trip at just the right time....before Dori heads off to college and after Dill was too young not to remember. We are havin' a very good time! :)

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