Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Vacation: Orlando

We are on vacation this week. Dad B, Dad D (B&D) Pepper and I have had it planned for quite some time. We started talking about this trip last summer with Jay and her family. We kept it a secret from the kids until Christmas and put Disney shirts in with Santa’s gifts and explained the details of the trip Christmas morning: Orlando.

We try to take a trip like this every couple of years. All 8 of us. Our last trip was to Mall of America with Kiwi… which had been a great success. Macy, Pete and Dill had never flown before so we decided to fly down all together. Sal drove us all to the airport (and I hope she remembers to pick us up!!) and other than a flight delay things went just great at the airport. Here is a picture of the nicest flight attendant on our trip down. More details coming soon…..

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