Friday, October 8, 2010

Louie Crew

A pastor named Louie Crew came to visit our church a few weeks ago. This is an amazing and interesting guy. First of all he is a gay man that grew up as a southern Baptist and converted to Episcopalian, which is not that unusual. He has been partnered with the same man for 37 years, that’s pretty rare these days for any kind of partnership. The man he is partnered to is African American. And he grew up in Alabama in a time when inter-racial anything was frowned upon. All together, that makes him very unique in my eyes.

He is the first gay man I have ever heard say that he did not know if being an openly gay man was the right choice in God’s eyes. There was no way he was going to knock on the pearly gates and say, “Let me in God, I was a proud gay man and you know I was right to be so.” He said he will knock on that big, heavenly door and say, “Please God…. Be merciful.”

He also talked about visiting his Father in the hospital just before he died. His father was lying in the bed and Louie took his hand. Louie knew that his father was not happy about the gay issue and even less happy about the inter-racial relationship. He said, “Dad, I am sorry I was never the son you hoped I’d be.” His father sat up in bed with a sudden burst of energy and said, “Son, you are exactly who I want you to be and I love you very much.” Louie looked out at the audience and said, “…and that is just my earthly father, think of what my heavenly father will say!”

When Pepper and I had our picture taken with Louie he handed me his card and asked if I would send him a copy of the picture to his email. I did the next day and he sent me back a message, “How kind of you to send me this copy! I am flattered to be with you in it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time this weekend. Joy! Louie”

What a nice guy. I am glad I got a chance to meet him. ☺

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I could not make it that day and really wished I could have been in two places that morning.