Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dori makes state!!

It's been a long four years. Dori tried and tried but the required times for making the state time just were slightly beyond her reach. She was the most improved as a freshmen, improved her speed even more as a sophomore, really, really close as a junior.... and finally... at the last meet of her senior year, the absolute last chance to qualify, she did it!

She had to swim the 500.... which is 20 laps of the pool in 5 minutes 45 seconds or less. For a long time she really struggled to break the 6 minute mark, then to "make state"..... she did it today. 5:38.

Everyone cheered, lots of people ran down from the stands to hug her, she cried and couldn't stop smiling. People took pictures of her and the next race was delayed because so many people swarmed the deck to congratulate her. I think it will be something she will always remember. I am so glad to have been there..... and very, very proud that she tried so hard and never gave up. :)

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  1. Way to go Dori!!!!! Sounds like it was a lucky day all around at that high school yesterday!! :)