Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why DO we bake cookies?

Lots of people have thoughts about the name of my blog. Apparently they give a great deal of thought to cookies and bacon. Here are a few of my favorites……
Bacon can be cooked by convection too but it is just more common to use the radiant heat common in stovetop cooking. Bacon cooked in the oven is actually very good whereas cookies on the stove top is not usually successful

I bake my bacon. 375 for 15 minutes. That way I don't get grease splatter.

First, baking and cooking are totally different methods.
Cookies and Bacon are also different. Cookies is a baked product by use of oven(Dry heat)
Bacon is meat product and it requires a high amount of heat to seal the outer surface and retain the fat and the juices inside by means of dry heat and thus also to cook till the core of the meat. but cookies require only to be cooked to an extent that it gives a short crust effect. if cooked further it will melt the fat .

Chef M.
I just think it would sound funny to bake your bacon and cook your cookies versus the reverse. It's now after midnight my brain is officially fried, baked or no tonight it's actually pressure cooked along with a bunch of green beans.

Well, to has to do something with a frying pan. To bake, it has to do something with an oven. Blame the person who invented the word 'bacon' and 'cookie'.

another one of the mysteries of life.
somebody made this stuff up so we could sit and ponder it.

Here are a few other things for them to ponder…

*Why do people recite in a play, but play in a recital?
* Where is the egg in eggplant, the ham in hamburger?
*Where are the apple and pine in pineapple?
*Why do we have noses that run and feet that smell?
*Why do you park in the driveway and drive on the parkway?


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