Monday, September 26, 2011

The Car Radio

Choosing a radio station in the car is always a challenge when there are lots of kids in the family. When I was always the driver it made sense that the driver (or Pepper in the shot gun spot) got to select the music. Now that we have teenage drivers and we are starting to let them use the radio while they are driving, it is getting more challenging. I really do not like rap or super slow or screamo stuff... in fact my favorite is no music at all. But... sometimes we scan through the stations and try to find a station everyone likes. So one day, Macy was driving and Pepper was scanning through looking for a station. Music started playing and suddenly Macy yells out, "Stop... I approve of this station!" I was sitting in the middle row, next to Dill. At the word "Stop!" I had braced for impact and threw my arm in front of Dill spilling his Lego people everywhere (to try to protect him from whatever was headed toward us!) Ahhh, the joys of living with new drivers! :)

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