Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stone Fox

Me: How was school today?
Dill: Ok, but I can’t read the book I want to.
Me: Why couldn’t you read what you wanted?
Dill: Because I am only in the “O” reading group and it’s a “P” group book.
Me: What book?
Dill: Stone Fox. It is about a dog sled race across the snow. There is a dog that ends up dying, that part is sad; but the boy who is trying to win the race to help his grandfather wins, so that part is happy.
Me: Wow, so it’s a good book?
Dill: Yes. If I were a Director that is the book I’d turn into a movie.
Me: Do you want to be a director when you grow up?
Dill: No.
Me: How do you know so much about the book?
Dill: oh…. I read it last year.

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