Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Pete did not sign up for his school play this year. He has in the past but this year he wanted to work behind the scenes with sound and light and set design. This went along very well until the director announced that she needed volunteers for the dance number in the beginning of the 2nd act. It would mean learning to waltz, dressing up very “royally” and holding hands with a girl. Pete isn’t a dancer, does not love dressing up in “Princely” clothes or putting on stage make-up but he said ok. There are some people in this world that just can’t help but be full of goodness. I think Pete is one of those people. He has a gentle spirit and a kind heart.

Last weekend was the play so he was up late every night and spent lots of time in “stress” mode- taking care of his back stage duties and remembering all those dance steps really wore him out. But Sunday morning, with a little frustration about how tired he felt (I don’t think the 13 year old is a saint!) he was up in time to acolyte at church for his little brother who was out of town. Following that service another acolyte asked Pete to help with the late service because they were one acolyte short…. He did that too. He really is that kind of person.

On Valentine’s Day when Pepper and I picked him up from play rehearsal, Pete handed us each a flower. He said they were selling them as fundraisers during lunch so he bought one for each of us. We told him how much we liked them and then I asked if anyone harassed him for buying TWO flowers (most 8th grade boys don’t have 2 Moms or 2 girlfriends). He said no, and besides- he had actually purchased 3. “Three?!!” Pepper and I said together, not realizing we had competition for his affection! “Who was the other one for? Do you have a girl friend we don’t know about?” (This has happened before!)

“No, nothing like that. There is a girl that eats lunch at my table. She has Down’s syndrome and just got her braces tightened. She was crying because her teeth hurt, so I gave her one too.”

Are we lucky or what? ☺

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  1. I would consider you guys the luckiest!! Pete is awesome! =) It's all I can do to get my 14 year old out of his "man" cave.