Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A friend recently complained that I had not been blogging in awhile. My first thought was that I did not like to blog when I didn’t feel like I had anything good to blog about. I wanted to say, “Well, things at work aren’t going well. We are getting hit with major cuts and everyone is grumpy there and no one ever feels appreciated. Administration seems like it is just wants to penalize and put down and then they tell us at meetings that we need to hold our head high and look good for the public eye.“ We are told we are not allowed to say anything negative… even on personal sites like Facebook or they can reprimand us, so I do not want to blog anything about what is happening there. I could talk about the bad news I got from my doctor…. Or the fact that my transmission went last week and my brakes are grinding on the truck I need to sell but don’t want to. I am in kind of a self-pity mood right now and just don’t think I should drag others down with me by blogging about it.

So, I thought about my feeling of having nothing to blog about. And pouted awhile. But then thought about what I should discuss....

Spring has come early. Everything is in bloom. All over the area trees are flowering and crocus and tulips are spraying color around grass that is already losing its dull brown color. It was above 80° today and there is a beautiful breeze. Pepper and I have been taking walks everyday. We spend at least 30 minutes wandering about and talking about everything and nothing. I look forward to the walk every day.

The kids are doing great. Dori did well her first semester of college and seems to be fitting right in with all the other students on campus. She visits and calls occasionally but when she is here she calls her dorm room “Home” and I think that is a good thing. KC is doing great in school and has a part in the school play. She has been exhausted these last weeks as rehearsal became more demanding but opening night she beamed and danced through the house because she was so happy. Macy is in love and it isn’t just with her car. She is doing well in school and seems to look forward to going every morning. She is in track and involved in lots of youth activities at church. Between those things and her after school job, she is a very busy girl. Pete is also doing track. He is suddenly almost as tall as I am and I have to fight to keep my arm down and not to touch the fuzz on his upper lip. His voice is changing and he looks at me sometimes and I can see clearly the fantastic man he is about to become. Dill is still swimming. His coach smiles when she sees him coming because he is doing so well. He takes it all in stride and still loves getting together at the park with his friends and annoying his brother.

There was a message on Facebook that my cousin posted that I thought really summed up my message here: “It is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people that are happy.” I am very thankful for the blessings in my life. The other stuff, the things that are stressful and frustrating and overwhelming still loom… but I am looking out the window and am happy knowing that I get to take another walk with my girl. ☺

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