Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Doctor Is In

Pepper and I were driving in the car alone together when I started a new conversation...

Me: I think I'd like to try seeing a therapist.

Pepper: What kind of therapist?

Me: You know, the kind you talk to- the shrink kind.

Pepper: We have no money for a therapist- just talk to me.

Me: (5 minutes of just talking about thoughts, worries, hopes etc.)

Pepper says nothing when I finish talking. There is total silence in the car.

Me: Ummm.... I think when a person stops talking the shrink is supposed to say something.

Pepper: I'm thinking.

Me: What are you thinking?

Pepper: I'm wondering what bills we can skip this month so you can see a therapist.

Me: Thanks a lot!! :)

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