Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Pantry Cleaning

The boys decided to clean the kitchen pantry and were very cute as they worked together. I let them do it the way they wanted with no input about how things went in. First they took everything out of the cupboard and wiped off all the shelves. They discussed how everything should be put back in (since everything was now spread all over the kitchen) The conversation went something like this:

Pete: "The top shelf is for water soluble things."

Dill: "Ok, here is some coffee, oh, and sugar that's water soluble"

Pete: "The next shelf is for pasta and noodle-type stuff"

Dill: "Where does onion dip powder go? Is it water soluble, Should it go on the top shelf?"

Pete: "No, its sour cream soluble.... it should go on the third shelf."

Dill: "What goes on the third shelf?"

Pete: "Miscellaneous"

When they came upon the tea selections, they decided that they were "water soluble".... except for English Breakfast Tea- that one went on the 4th shelf--- 'breakfast foods'. I may never find my flour or tea bags again.... but it was worth the entertainment!

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