Monday, September 27, 2010


A couple weekends ago Pete and I both took the Hunter's Safety Class. It was actually very informative and interesting. I learned a lot. We learned about the history of hunting, how firearms work, how to track and stalk, how to climb into a tree stand.... just to name a few things. Another thing I learned is that kids do not learn how to take notes (at least not before 7th grade) I watched Pete and other kids that sat around me and even when the instructors gave BLATANT hints like "THIS will be on the test!!" the kids did not write down what was said or highlight it in their book. I took it upon myself as a side mission to show Pete how to listen for things that were important to know from the lecture material. The other kids that sat around us started paying attention too.... and I must have done well. Everyone passed the final..... 98% or better!

I really enjoyed getting to spend the whole weekend with Just Pete. One on one time with any of the kids seems to be a rare thing in our family. It was nice to do something I knew Pete was interested in. As a follow up, Pete and I went to Cabela's to have his bow checked over and to get his first hunting license for youth weekend. We stood in line waiting for his license and chatted about his upcoming trip with Uncle K. He was very excited about finally getting to go hunt. When it was our turn to step to the counter, Pete was ready. He had his wallet (he checked his back pocket every 3 minutes to make sure it was still there) and wore his serious, ready-to-hunt look.

"Can I help you?" the lady at the counter asked.

I quickly explained that it was our first time to get a license. She looked at Pete and said, "How old are you?"


"Did you take the hunter's safety class?" she asked.


"Did they give you a certificate of completion?"


"Do you have it with you?"

"yes" (Pete stands there, waiting for the next question)

"I need to see it"

"Oh!" Finally he reaches into back pocket for wallet.

She takes the certificate and begins typing. She makes sure she spelled the name correctly then says, "What is your address?"

Pete turns to me and says, "Should I tell her?"


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