Monday, March 14, 2011

The Nose knows

At Nana’s house we were celebrating Dill’s birthday recently. He came and sat next to me on the couch and I noticed that he was wearing underwear that he had worn to bed at least 2 nights before. I said to him, “Did you put the same underwear on last night after you took your shower?” He said, “Nope.”

I let it go, but a few minutes later he was sprawled on the couch with his feet in my lap. The first thing I noticed was he has huge feet! They looked like big-dog-puppy feet. You know, the cute adorable puppy that has feet WAY too big for its body. So you know that sometime soon, the cute little puppy was going to be a huge, gigantic hulk of a dog. That’s what I was thinking about while I looked at his feet. Then my nose was assaulted by an odor that could rival onion, garlic sardine soup! We were sitting across the room from Nana….. so I normally would not have said anything, but dang! How could his cute little body reeck like this??!

“Dill, how long have you been wearing these socks??”

“Three days,” he proudly announces.

“But you just took a shower last night! Did you put on your old socks again?!” I ask.

“Nope, I faked it.” He states while sitting up and smiling. “See, I went into the bathroom and just turned on the water. Then after a couple minutes the bathroom got really foggy and then I got my hair wet in the sink and I got the towel a little bit wet and took off my shirt and put the towel around me and turned off all the water. You just THOUGHT I washed myself.”

I notice that Nana has as big a grin as Dill at this information.

Nana shakes her head and I could tell she was glad this fell into "parent issue” and did not fall into the “Grandparent” realm as an area of concern.

“Dill, that is so much work to NOT take a shower. Don’t you like to shower?” I ask confoundedly, because when he DOES shower he stays and plays in the water so long the whole hot water tank gets drained.

“I like showers a lot…. I just wanted to see if I could fake one. You did not even notice…. I really tricked you!” he said proudly, as if I was going to lose my parenting license over such a huge faux pas.

“True son," I told him, shaking my head, "You tricked my eyes, but definitely not my nose!!” ☺

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  1. GROSSS!!!!!! But very boy! Thanks for the laugh!