Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hebrew Lesson

In Sunday School Dill has been learning Hebrew. He was showing me all the words he knew and was writing a wide variety of Hebrew symbols, which I thought was quite impressive. He and I had a conversation about Hebrew, here is how it went:

Dill: “Ya know, Hebrew doesn’t have nouns like we do.”

Me: “They don’t have nouns? Then how do they say people, places and things?”

Dill: “Oh, they can do that. They just don’t have as many.”

Me: “They don’t have as many people, places and things?” I ask very confused about what his Sunday school teacher is talking about.

Dill: “Mom, are you listening to me?!” he says, frustrated.

Dill: “N-o-u-n-s,” he says slowly for me. Apparently I am dumber and deafer than he thought, “A_E_I_O_U and sometimes Y.”

Me: “Do you mean vowels?!” I ask, slightly less confused.

Dill: “Yes, in English its vowels… in Hebrew I think those are nouns.”

Ok son, thanks for clarifying that! ☺

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