Sunday, January 1, 2012

Best Memories of 2011…

The 25 year anniversary/ commitment ceremony in January with Pepper….. Knowing that I want to spend the next 25 years with her too.

Trying to find a bathroom for Dori on the the trip home from Virginia with Dad D after her accident. We were exhausted and knew we had a long drive through the night, but Dori hobbling into the store was a great sight…. I knew she was going to be ok. The woman that re-opened the store for us and then turned back on the gas pump was a true gift and blessing.

Macy really getting the hang of driving this year. She has been asking to drive to church. I love that she drives JUST like I do. Even swerving around a huge pothole along the route… even after they repaired it. (I think of her every time I drive by the spot)

Making paper stars with KC…. Laughing and failing miserably! We both realized neither one of us will ever make a fortune at origami!

I loved getting to go fall camping with Pete this year. The drive up where we talked about his friends and things important to him and then picking different restaurants to try, the campfire, the dewy mornings and hanging out with Jay while everyone else sat in trees. Then watching my man-boy snuggle with my pillow while I drove us home.

Dill will always be our ‘caboose’ but he is growing so fast. My best memory of him was when Pepper and I took him to Sal’s house and she played a song by Cee Lo Green. (Dill said he liked the song Forget you…. This was a different version) The song was definitely explicit with F* you said instead of ‘Forget you’. Dill counted how many swear words he heard. His expression of shock at the song lyrics was hilarious…. (btw- there were 19 swear words, the boy was shocked and couldn’t wait to tell his siblings what he heard!)

Hoping for many great memories in 2012….. for everyone ☺

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