Friday, January 6, 2012

Wrigley's Gum

While visiting for the holidays to the "salt" side of the family, my sister L had us all meet at one of her favorite hangouts for breakfast. This place will never be seen on any travel show (which "L" warned us about before we agreed to go) The booths are duck taped and the ceiling is a bit droopy, but the wall decorations were fantastic. There were album covers from singers like Connie Francis (my Grandfathers favorite singer) and a set of hot rollers like my Grandma owned in the early 70's. There was also this picture on the wall from Wrigley's gum.

In the early 80's my Mom was into an Investment Club which she heard about through the public library. People got together and sold each other one share of the stock they owned. It was a way of avoiding stock broker charges and was meant to help build people's stock portfolio's. Mom had one stock in quite a few companies. She especially liked companies with what she called "perks". Wrigley's had one of the best perk programs. Every year, around the holidays they would send all their stock holders some new or interesting product they were promoting. She loved getting their stripped gum one year, and then liquid filled the next.

When we were teens Mom bought a few more stocks in Wrigley's and gave one to my sisters and I. We all had 1 share of stock in Wrigley's gum. We all started getting the end of the year perk package in the mail. I don't know that any of us really thought it was that great.... until the year she died. She died in March so when the Wrigley's package came in December it was almost like the gift was from her. Every year, Mom's gift came.

After 9 years of these gifts, I got a letter from Wrigley's. They were being bought by Mars/M&M so they wanted to buy the stock back. There was a check for just over $100 for the shares (it had split a few times by then) I still buy Wrigley's when I get the chance and will always appreciate the yearly gum gifts from Mom. :)

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