Monday, January 23, 2012

Things at school today...

First…. I listened to a little boy screaming and fighting his teacher because he thought protective services would come and take him away during school. It’s a scary thing for a 7 year old when he isn’t sure where he’ll be sleeping that night or when he will see his family again.

Then…. I listened to a teacher reading a story to 3 kindergarteners about families. The teacher reiterated several times that a family was a mother, a father and their children who lived together. She showed pictures and had them point to the correct “family” shots. They kept counting to 3, 4 or 5 together …. To indicate what she told them a family looks like. I knew two of the kids. One lives with his Grandmother and the other child lives ½ time with his mother and the other ½ with his father. I highly doubted that even the third student lived in the Cleaver/Cunningham model of family… I knew I didn’t and I knew the teacher teaching the lesson didn’t either!

It is definitely a Monday of what will probably be a very long week….

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