Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Night Hike/Ghost Walk

Pepper and I spent some time in Savannah, GA this past week. One of the things we did was go on a night time/ghost walk that was led by a tour guide. Whenever I have done this kind of tour there is always one person in the group that I've wished wasn't there. For this tour it was a young girl (probably college aged) who came with her Mother because she said her Dad chickened out. She had gone on a similar tour a few years before so whenever the tour guide started a story she'd yell out things like.... "Oh yeah, I have heard this one! Its some kind of ghost cat or something-right?" The rest of us were less than amused!

At one point we are walking past a house that had been purchased by mail order piece by piece. Apparently, it was a story the college girl had never heard. The guide said that there was something done incorrectly on the house (the kit included directions, but the installers felt they didn't need them) The guide said, "Back then anything could be purchased from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog." The girl said, "What's Sears and Roebuck?"

Without missing a beat we told her, "The 19th Century's EBay." :)

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