Sunday, February 26, 2012

Savannah Hand washy stuff

In Savannah, a lot of bathrooms had this sandy hand cleaner stuff instead of regular soap. In the mid-west I have found that anti-bacterial soap seems to be the norm. But while in Savannah, it was this stuff with a little scoop that you just flop into your hand then rub all together and rinse off with water. I do not like sand at all. I think it is gritty and gross. A lot of people like sand... although I don't know why. The advertisement says it has a secret ingredient that removes dead skin and makes hands feel smooth. I'm thinking the secret ingredient is... SAND! So, while the weather down there is much better.... I'm sticking with the good old anti-bacterial stuff that we have here that does not feel gritty and I definitely did NOT purchase any of this awful stuff while I was down there!!

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