Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pepper and my pickles

I am usually the driver when our family travels. Even before the kids were born I would be the one that usually drove. When we would make quick stops at fast food restaurants I would order at the drive thru and then hand the bag of food over to Pepper while I drove away from the window.

Pepper would then ask me what I wanted. She would hand me my fries and open the straw and put it in my drink as we were getting under way again. I would eat my fries and she would eat hers. Then she’d go back into the bag and get out the cheeseburgers. She’d open the wrapper, take off the bun and remove the pickle that she would then pop into her mouth. She’d put the bun back on and then hand the sandwich to me. I said thanks, then she’s get out her own cheeseburger and we’d both eat.

The funny thing is… I love pickles! For more than 15 years this was our fast food drive in routine! I eat pickles at home- I am not sure why she thought I wouldn’t want them on my burger. I mentioned it to her after a long time and she said she just thought I didn’t like them in my cheeseburger (I have no idea why I wouldn’t!) She asked why it took so long for me to say anything and I told her that as much as I like pickles I enjoyed watching her do the routine more. She just shook her head. The other day we went through a drive thru. She gave me my fries and put the straw in my drink just like usual. When she got out the burgers she unwrapped it and just handed me mine. I missed her pickle removing routine almost enough to have her take it off…. But I didn’t. I really do like pickles on burgers.  J

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