Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scrubbing Bubbles

The first time I can remember being mislead by an advertisement was when a childhood friend and I first saw the Tidy Bowl Scrubbing Bubbles commercial on television. The announcer assured me that the actual scrubbing bubbles removed mold and mildew and left behind a shiny clean surface. These adorable little tribble-like creatures with big eyes and scrubby little feet started zipping around a grown woman’s bathroom sink and yelled “Your wellllllcome!” as they spun away down the drain.

My eyes went wide at the sight of them. I was in love. I wanted those cute little critters at my house. My plan was to use the sink stopper to keep them from being whirled away down the drain and keep them as pets. I remember grabbing my allowance and my friend and I riding our bikes to the Pick-N-Pay….. the grocery store my mom always went to. I am not sure if the cashier even wondered why two 11 years olds were buying bathroom cleaner…. But we managed to get it back to my house without to much trouble.

I could barely contain my excitement when we sprayed the stuff into the sink. As I watched with anticipation, all it did was foam. No cute eyes or scrubby feet. No tribble-like creatures that talked to me. I was very disappointed. At first, I actually considered going back for a different can and telling that cashier that she gave me a broken one. It took me a minute or two to realize there never were any real creatures. It was very disappointing…. I still refuse to use that cleaning product. I still think the little critters are adorable.  :)

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