Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Photo Contest

Pepper and I had a few hikes planned for our latest vacation. Dori stayed home to work and take care of things at home, but the other three kids joined us and were pretty willing to try all the activities we had planned with very little argument.

The first hike was not too long (about 2 miles) and included a great walking path, a couple scenic overlooks, over 220 steps down to the waters edge, a rustic campground and a very nice covered picnic area. The weather was perfect and we ended with a picnic lunch that everyone was looking forward to. (It is amazing how great a PB&J sandwich tastes at a picnic table after a walk). It was a great day.

The second hike was a little longer (about 5 miles) and did not include so many amenities. (The path was more difficult with roots and prickers very common along the way.) To make that trip a bit more fun, we had a contest for the best picture found along the way. Everyone got 3 votes to choose the order of  winners. We decided the prizes together:
1st prize- any ‘reasonable wish’
2nd prize- choose where everyone sleeps that night
3rd prize- Had to do no dishes that night
4th prize- pick the movie/game that night
5th prize- a hug from everyone else

(here are the pictures in place order)






At one point (the low point of the trip as far as I was concerned!) I tripped on a root and fell down. Pepper said I fell very gracefully but the kids all wished they had their cameras ready because they were sure that picture would have won first place! Luckily that was the only difficulty we had on the whole hike. We all had fun and enjoyed the day and the activity!


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