Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy Holidays..

I am watching "White Christmas" for the 20+ time because it is a tradition Pepper started ages ago with her family, so now we watch it with our kids. The good thing about watching a movie over and over is I can multi-task and still follow the plot. 

It is amazing how interested my kids are all in the movie. The youngest, Dill is snapping his fingers to the music, and the other kids are commenting on how skinny the women are in their fancy dresses. (They keep calling them Barbies!!) 

Well, it is between musical numbers so I will introduce the members of my family. There is me and my partner Pepper. More on us later... 

Then we have our 5 kids.... 

Kiwi (16) is our foreign exchange student from Germany, and the only voluntary resident at our house. Of course, she knows she gets to leave as soon as the school year ends...

Dori (16) is our oldest. She is all attitude right now.... and is available free to a good home about every other day. :) I remember it being so hard to be that age.... one day you feel all grown up-- large and in charge, and the next you feel like a kid-- just wishing you could curl up in a lap and cuddle. She'll get it together, I just can't wait until she has a daughter of her own!!

Macy has a birthday coming up. She will be 13 in two days. The start of the teen years... another one. Pray for me. AL is still trying to figure out who she is.... she'll get there-- I just hope there are no casualties along the way!

Pete (10) is becoming a typical 5th grader... from my point of view as a teacher, that isn't exactly a good thing! Humor begins to be all about bodily functions and how gross things can be... (insert sarcasm here) just a joy to be around! Our little boy is trying to be a tough guy.... until he gets a sliver or a nosebleed, then he's just our little boy again!

Dill (6) is our caboose. He is quite a character... for instance, on his swim team he was the only one that would not wear googles. We bought all kinds of goggles, went to a special swim store and had him fitted, we talked to him, then had his coach explain that he would go straighter and wouldn't run into the wall if he wore them.... no way! He would not budge. Finally, I pulled him aside and told him if he did not wear his goggles I would make him be a vegetarian. He's worn goggles ever since!! Really, is that a normal 6 year old?

Ok, its my favorite song in this movie.... "I fall asleep counting my blessings" I used to sing it to my kids when they were babies. I could never do it as well as Bing.... probably gave my kids nightmares rather than sweet dreams!!!! 

Thanks for reading... take care.

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