Thursday, December 25, 2008

Secret Identities

Showed this blog to bff "Skip" and she was very concerned that I was using everyone's real names. So today I talked to the kids and we came up with secret identities. The kids loved the idea... don't know if they really liked the names I decided on. Oh well, they never got to pick their real names either! So, now once I finish this blog I will go back and change everyone's names on previous posts and hopefully keep them all straight in my head!!

Skip and I also had an interesting chat yesterday about relationships. A couple in our church recently broke up and while their college age son is handling the break up well, the high school aged daughter is not. Skip feels that the parents should have stayed together, however unhappily until the kids all moved out, I think the parents needed to make sure the kids know they are loved, a plan set for how they will be cared for and the parents need to handle the situation as maturely as possible... but care for their own needs as well as the kids. This is a very sensitive issue and we both feel strongly about our opinion. At this point, we have agreed to disagree but eventually we will touch back on this topic. BTW to any friends/family reading this.... both Skip's relationship and my relationship with pepper are just fine. It is just an interesting intellectual conversation. :)

Today, we drove around to various relatives houses to celebrate the holidays. First we stopped at Dad D's family compound.... lots of people live there so adding our 7 was not that big a deal. It is amazing how loved our kids are. Sometimes it is easy to feel like Pepper and I are wading alone in this crazy kid populated place as we deal with day to day issues.  We forget all the support and love they get from our huge extended family. At Dad D's all the kids got a scratch off lottery ticket... which they all love because it makes them feel grown up. Plus they all got clothes and gift cards. Kiwi got a great shirt that said "I am famous... in Europe!" which she loved. Macy got a hoodie that she kept hugging and asking everyone to feel how soft it was.
At Dad B's house the kids all had hot chocolate and cookies at the big dining table and a card with money in it. More money than I'd expect, even Kiwi. I love that our extended family included all our kids and that all our kids feel so loved... I think it will be the best gift I get all year. We are so lucky!! :)

Our last family stop was to Uncle K and Aunt L's house. Macy said something funny that I will share.... Dad B asked, "What did you all get from Aunt L and Uncle K?" Dill replied, "I got a REAL bow and arrow set... it is so cool!!" Pete added, "I got one too, they are for hunting, the arrows are really pointy and sharp!" Macy said, "I got a shirt with a big target on the back." Everyone laughed at her quick wit!!

The kids did an excellent job at their pageant at church this afternoon and all the kids stayed awake through the candlelight service.... first time for Dill! It was very nice... I love all the lights and the familiarity of the service. The priest talked about the benefits of hugs.... which I loved because I am a big fan of hugging!! Well, kids are all asleep and we grown-ups need to get things ready to help Santa.... 

Thanks for reading..... Merry Christmas!

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