Monday, December 22, 2008

The future Generation

Sometimes I wonder if my kids are paying attention. They need me to repeat things several times before they respond to my requests.... I must say "pick up your dishes" 15 times after every meal! This holiday season I have actually seen and heard them processing the things in their world. Here are a few examples that they are paying attention. There is hope for the future generation!!

Pepper has always set up a creche near the Christmas tree and every year she leaves the manger empty until Christmas morning so that we can ceremonially place him in it, signifying his birth. Pete was looking at the display and asked, "Where is baby Jesus?" Pepper took the time to explain that he wasn't born yet and we would put him in on Christmas morning. With barely a pause Pete says, "Then why are the wise men and the shepherds standing there just looking at the empty spot, don't they come after Jesus is born?"

At church each week there is a time where people with birthdays and anniversaries are announced. Yesterday, the prayer went something like "we especially pray for Davy celebrating his birthday on the 21st, Ann celebrating on the 22nd, Macy celebrating on the 23rd (this is where Macy does a little happy dance to make sure everyone at church knows it is her that is being mentioned in case someone missed it) and we celebrate the anniversary of ..." at this point Macy stops dancing and says, "Hey, they forgot Jesus' birthday!!"

This morning, Dill was wide awake and in an excellent mood when Pepper and I woke up. He was dancing and singing to himself in front of our pellet stove. He said he couldn't wait until Santa came and excitedly told us how many more days we had to wait until his arrival. Yesterday, while at the mall I had cringed when I saw how long the line to see Santa was, but now I felt guilty that I hadn't taken Dill at all this year. I said to him, "Hey Dill, Santa is at the mall, do you want to go see him today and tell him what you would like for Christmas?" To this Dill pondered only a second and said, "Mom, that is just a fake Santa. The real Santa is way to busy to be sitting around at the mall!" Yes, she is! :) 

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