Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Familiar sayings....

We have been very busy. Yesterday we all went to the natural history museum... the kids mainly love it for the gift shop but I figure they may pick up a bit of educational material since we are surrounded by cool historical stuff. Everyone walked through and saw lots of interesting things plus the kids all got to spend a little of the Christmas cash that had been burning holes in their pockets. After the museum we did a little window shopping. It is very difficult to keep tabs on everyone when there is such a large group so it was no surprise that we lost a kid... but if you look at it from the 'glass is half full' point of view I should say we did NOT lose 5!! Macy wasn't paying attention and got left behind. We did notice by the time everyone was ready to leave the next store. We hunted around then walked back... she was waiting by the door looking nervous. She was definitely shaken up about it. I know this for two reasons... 1) she held my hand for the next 20 minutes, which is very unusual for my 7th grader and 2) she did not even think to use being left behind as a good reason she should have her own cell phone!! All was well though and we told her we thought she was very wise to stay where she was and wait for us to come back.

While I was growing up we often went to visit my maternal grandparents. In their kitchen there was a plaque that read: "All our guests bring us joy; some by coming... others by leaving" I never really got it as a kid... but grown ups always seemed to chuckle at it. Now I get it. Having all our guests this last couple weeks has been fantastic... I would not have changed this holiday season for anything... but I really am ready for a break from company. I miss hot showers. I miss only cooking for 7. I am tired of Dori using our company as an audience for her teenage temper tantrums and the other kids needing constant direction to walk not run, use an inside voice, play nice and take turns. I will miss our busy house when our friends head back home.... but it will also be a sigh of relief too. I think if I had a plaque I'd want it to say "All of our guests bring us joy when they come to visit and when they head home again!!"  :)

BTW... my Dad had a "bar" in our basement for when they had parties at our house... he had a saying on a plaque too... it was "I found the perfect woman... I could not ask for more... she's deaf and dumb and oversexed and owns a liquor store" It really drives me crazy that I can remember that stupid saying but I can't remember what I walked into one room from another for or to grab ketchup at the grocery store... not to mention my horrid direction sense!! Its hell to get old.

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