Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

I'm really having a great school break. I am feeling tired and did not get all the things I wanted to get done but I did get to do a lot of things I didn't plan on too. The visit with LM and family went great... I am so glad they came to stay with us. All of our traveling to Dad B and Dad D's family was nice. Visiting Pepper's family was enjoyable and Jay coming down to visit also went well. I am so glad we have started planning our summer camping trips. The weather was weird during this break... we had snow on Christmas, but also had rain, sunshine, sleet and hail since the break started. The temperature varied from 5- 60 degrees in just two weeks. Last night the kids went to Dad D's family and I have heard from most of them.... they all had a great time (and are probably still sleeping!) Pepper and I went to Skip and her family's for a fondue dinner that was very tasty. Since we have now done it two years in a row, I think it is a 'tradition' from Skip's point of view so I am happy to be a tradition in their family's life.  Got great gifts there too.... almost everything I wanted!! ;)  Again, I did not guess correctly, I think I need more practice since I used to be so good at guessing what I would get!  They gave our family  a monthly dinner from January until June.... second year for this gift too! (perhaps another tradition in the making!! :) LOL!!)  I can't wait to tell the kids, they were so disappointed last year when our "coupons" wore out. They really loved getting to go over for a special dinner, plus Skip's son has a Wii!!

Today has been very relaxing... slept in, woke up when we wanted, lots of cuddles, Pepper and I made breakfast together and have just been doing what we wanted all morning. Its almost 1... I guess I should think about taking a shower and getting dressed... or maybe I'll see if Pepper wants to take a nap.... such a nice way to start a new year!

Thanks for reading.... Happy 2009! 

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