Monday, January 19, 2009

Tooth Fairy

So when is the tooth fairy retired? Pete lost a tooth.... probably one of his last baby teeth. He lost the tooth at church and put it into his pocket. Pepper and I totally forgot all about it. We thought the tooth fairy did too. Pete looked very upset in the morning... he could not find his tooth or any money. OK, so he is a fifth grader.... he has girls calling the house and giggling. We think his voice is starting to change... but we are speech therapists and may be picking up on it a bit early. How long do we keep the tooth fairy thing going? 

If he hadn't looked so upset by the fact that the T.F. forgot him, I probably would have told him the "rest of the story" that morning.... but we were caught off guard and felt bad for having forgotten. Pepper slipped away while I was with the boys and wrote a quick T.F. note (she even wrote the note with her non-dominant hand to keep Pete from getting any hints!!) .... and then she found 5 bucks. She slid both into his backpack and we hoped for the best. 

Pete came home from school with a big smile. Apparently, the T.F. knows his locker combination! He was so impressed with the T.F.'s skills... he is now a total believer!  We will probably be searching for his wisdom teeth under his pillow in another 10 years!! Oh well, maybe he is a little old for the tooth fairy and for other 'childish' things, but there is plenty of time to tell him... they grow up so fast anyway, why rush it?

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