Friday, January 2, 2009

Paint Job

The boys came downstairs with a plan. They decided it was time to repaint their bedroom. It was just painted two years ago. My sister "S" came to visit and let all the kids pick out paint. At the time they agreed on a "Blue's Clues" theme... which definitely had a limited life span. The room is actually very cute. It has green grass along the bottom and blue sky with a big sun. Originally it also had real kites attached which gave it a sort of 3D affect. 

So down Dill comes this morning with a sheet of paper from a spiral notebook. He hands it to me without a word. I look at it. It says: "black, brown, white, purple, gold" all spelled correctly, but in definite kid scrawl.  I say, "Good morning! Ok, what is this?" Dill says, "Pete and I want to repaint our room. Those are the colors we want it. Come upstairs we will tell you how." I say, "How about you make a picture of what you are thinking and I will take a look." That sends the messenger upstairs to discuss the issue with his brother. Within minutes both brothers come back. Pete is now in charge of the situation. "Mom, we don't need a picture we know what we want." With great sweeping arm gestures, Pete explains, "We want the whole ceiling purple. The wall behind the bed white on my side and brown on Dill's. Then the other wall by Dill gold and the magnetic wall black..." Dill chimes in here that black attracts the sun and will warm the room. Pepper takes over and suggests that they narrow the color choices to two. They head back upstairs to discuss. Back down several minutes later they tell us they have decided on purple and gold... guess we'll have to think about how we're gonna make that work!

Our vacation is winding down. The girls aren't even downstairs yet... they are gonna have a hard time when we need to get back on our school schedule! Guess we'll deal with that throughout the weekend.

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