Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm sorry I love you!

Kind of a boring today, so I think I will just write a quick story about something I wrote a couple days ago....

When I was young and my parents would argue, my Dad would always send flowers the next day as an apology. He would always call the local florist and have a dozen roses sent to the house. Now, Mom liked the flowers but they did not always work on her. When I was about 12 my Mom got some flowers and opened the card. I could tell she pondered the card for a minute, then suddenly burst out laughing. When Dad got home he saw that Mom was waiting for him... not usually a good sign. Mom handed Dad the card and said, "Read this."

Dad read it, then read it again... it said: "I am sorry I love you" With panic in his voice he said "I did not say that! That is not what the card was supposed to say. It was supposed to be: I am sorry. And I love you!!!..." then he said he was going to call the florist and complain. Mom just smiled and said, "Do you want to fight with the flower girl or make up with me?!" Dad was no fool! (wink, wink!)

From then on whenever they argued, Dad sent flowers with a card that said: "I am sorry I love you!" And when he called the flower ladies on the phone usually tried to talk him out of it... thinking he was making things worse for himself!! Mom forgave him every time.

So, whenever I find myself on route to the doghouse I use Dad's line. It usually gets me out of trouble too! ;)

Thanks for reading.

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