Tuesday, January 13, 2009

22 year anniversary...

Pepper and I are celebrating 22 years of togetherness this week. I am reaching way back in my memory to recall the occasion....

Anyone that knows Pepper will be surprised to learn that it was she that first introduced herself to me. She is usually the shy, sort of stand offish one--- at least between the two of us. But at the time we met, I wasn't interested in meeting anyone new. It was the second week of second semester classes and I was still very unhappy that Jay was no longer at school with me. I had pretty much decided to finish out the school year and accept my high school sweetheart's marriage proposal. I had seen Pepper around campus a few times and in the class we had together, but beyond that I had not really thought about getting to know her better. On the 14th our sociology professor announced that we would be having our first exam the next time the class met. After class, Pepper came over to where I was sitting and said hi. She said she knew we both lived in the same dorm, because she had seen me there and wanted to know if we could study together for the test. I said sure and we agreed to meet in one of the study lounges in our dorm after dinner that night. We studied our class notes for about 15 minutes and spent the rest of the night together talking. We talked about our families, our friends, what we wanted to do after we finished school. We talked for hours and the time just flew. The sun came up the next day and we were still sitting in the study lounge! I had never met anyone before that I clicked with so quickly! I am so grateful to Pepper for saying "Hi" to me that day.... and for the 22 years since.

By the way.... we both "Aced" the test, but I got a higher grade than Pepper did! It was about the last time that ever happened!!  :)

Hey Pepper.... 11

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  1. Hey there...missed walking today. I bet it was quiet without me there! Just checking in to see if you were giving me grief about not being there. Stay warm and cozy!