Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm cooking now

Took the car in today... they won't even look at it until Monday. Oh well, at least we won't have to worry about jumping it again to get it started. The problem with that car being unusable is that my truck does not fit all 7 of our family... it would seat 6 (uncomfortably!) Luckily, Sal has an extra car right now because her son is in medical school and left his car parked at her house.  It is a very small Saturn... very different than the big truck/SUV's that our family requires to haul us and our camper around. Pepper drove it today and said it felt like her butt was dragging along the ground because it was so low. Oh well, it is better than walking!!

Spent lots of the day cooking. It was nice to keep the oven going, since it is still very cold. The high today was 12.... and it was wickedly windy here too. So I got to use my new mixer that Santa brought me. I was making cheesecake. I grabbed this giant plastic bowl out of the cupboard, started mixing and the new powerful mixer was whipping around and suddenly the bowl flew right out of my hand onto the floor!!! Luckily (and surprising) the bowl landed right side up and didn't spill a drop.... it did spin around on the floor in a really cool way that I could not have done on purpose if I tried!! 

Since we had a "cold" day on Friday, we have a four day weekend... its only Saturday night and we still have 2 more days before school opens again (big smile here!!)  I am already back in winter break mode of staying up too late and not getting up until around 9... or later! Guess I better try to get to bed at a more reasonable hour tonight... we need to be at church early tomorrow anyway. Besides, tomorrow is Dill's birthday, which means early morning singing and gift opening. Did I mention this tradition is losing its appeal? The kids all really seem to like it once we get them moving.... guess the tradition continues!!


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