Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Party

Had a big family party at the house today to celebrate January birthdays. Dill and Kiwi had more celebrations... and gifts. Pepper did not think her parents were coming. Dad hurt his back and was not feeling well, but Mom called this morning and said they were going to make it. Pete had a friend over and Dori's boyfriend and Mom were here. Dad D's parents and sister came with her kids. Uncle K and Aunt L came. Pepper's brother and partner was here... So there were lots of people at the house. 

Couple funny stories.... 

Kiwi and Dill were standing in the kitchen with the cake. Everyone was gathered waiting for the candles to be lit. Aunt L lit Dill's pretty quickly... he had 7. But Kiwi's 17 candles took a little more effort to light. She had just finished lighting all the candles and said "Ok, all set" meaning that we could all start singing "Happy Birthday" Kiwi thought Aunt L meant it was ok to blow them out.... so she did. Aunt L's face was priceless when she realized she was going to have to re-light all the candles! (Dill blew his out too once Kiwi did!!)

Dori's boyfriend Ned and Ned's Mom came to the party. Once they left Uncle K said that Dori needed to thank him because he did not scare Ned. (He teasing told everyone that he was going to say that if Ned hurt Dori he wasn't afraid to GO BACK to prison) Dori said, "Ned doesn't scare easily." Uncle K came back quickly with "Obviously, he is dating you!!"

The party was very nice. Dad D made a great cake with Mario and Yoshi racing around on it. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves... even if they loved picking on me about our chilly, drafty house. (Dad D's sister had to show everyone she was wearing long underwear and two pairs of socks!!) Next year we should celebrate January birthday's in August... of course they will all still complain because we don't have air conditioning!!  :)

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