Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aunt Dorothy

Ok, so Aunt Dorothy isn't really my aunt... but that is what I have always called her. She is actually my grandfather's twin sister. Aunt Dorothy was always very sickly. I remember as a child being led into a quiet room during family gatherings where aunt Dorothy would be. All of us kids would go in one or two at a time and be told to talk to Aunt Dorothy and say good bye. We had to go in with the knowledge that it was probably going to be the last time we'd ever see her. She always talked to us like we were all that mattered to her. She remembered little details... like what instrument we played or what books we liked to read, the kinds of details that other adults did not recall. I really liked her... but she scared me a bit because she seemed so breakable.

Well, its many, many years later and Aunt Dorothy sent me a letter. She sends things to me every once in awhile, just to keep in touch. Things like my mother's baptism record and pictures of my mom and uncles as a child. The letter was on real pretty colored stationary with a matching envelope... I thought that was cool. She wrote to me saying how much she missed seeing me, Pepper and all the kids (she named them all!) at the holiday gathering that our family had that I decided to skip this year. She also sent photo's of the party. There were lots of people in the pictures I hadn't thought about in a long while. I was disappointed that I missed seeing my cousin Kelly. I haven't seen her since her mother's funeral.... I was named after Kelly's mom. My Uncle Larry was there too, from Georgia. He is looking older. My favorite memories of him were watching him dive off the roof at family reunions into the pool... and his famous super-duper butt flip off our diving board that was always amazing! That was the fun, young Larry. The current Uncle Larry isn't as fun... he irks me every year when he sees Pete and Dill and asks who they are. Every year I tell him they are my sons and he loudly says, "You never gave birth to any kids." When I say, "Well, you didn't either!" I get to hear the fun, young Uncle Larry's laugh so I try to ease up on how agitated he can make me.

At the end of Aunt Dorothy's letter she thanked me for the written update in our Christmas card (Pepper wrote it this year) and told me how lucky my family and I were to have each other. Yeah, I am. I shouldn't be so hard on my relatives... there are lots of them I do like. I plan to go to the next family gathering... even though I know Uncle Larry still won't remember my kids!  Grrr....

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  1. Oh my dear Ilene, sometimes I think you are blogging just for me. But I do have a question, what relation to you is your Grandfather's sister? Isn't that some kind of aunt or something? Sounds to me like Aunt Dorothy is not nearly as breakable as you thought as a child... I think she was made from the good stuff. :)