Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Prez...

Today is the first day our new president is it office. I watched the inauguration yesterday with my students. I have to say.... autistic kids are not very interested in politics. But I have been thinking about what we saw and have several points of view...

As a speech therapist I was glad he stumbled on the oath he was taking. He knew the words were not right, which means he was not just repeating what he heard... he was actually thinking about what was being said. 

As a person I was glad I was not there. It looked cold and crowded.... and I did not see any bathrooms.

As a teacher I hope that every inauguration is watched by American school children from now on. Yes, this was special because he is african-american and it is a change from Republican to Democrat, but only 44 people in our history have ever received the honor of being sworn in.... our kids need to be exposed to it, even if they don't fully understand it.

As a parent I am hopeful. I want the economy to turn around. I am hopeful that new blood at the head of our government will make things better. I am worried about my kids futures. Not so much about putting tonight's dinner on the table... but I do believe many Americans are struggling just to feed their families. But my concerns are for their futures. Can I afford to send them to college? Will they have health care? Will they be able to find a job and support themselves? 

As a American citizen I am proud at how far we have come. We have moved so far in equality in 200+ years. I find President Obama to be a well-spoken, intelligent man. I think he will represent our whole country well.

Finally, as an educated women I am very proud of myself for being able to spell inauguration. Is that a weird word, or what??  


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