Monday, January 5, 2009

School's In!!

We all made it through the day! The kids all got up in time and made their school bus. Pepper even got up early to walk (I slept in until I HAD to get up to be on time for work!) No one was even grumpy! I think that even though everyone here had a very nice break, it was good to get back into our normal routine.

At school, one of my students missed the bus, but he came in only about 10 minutes late. (Teaching special ed means NO ONE is ever absent!!) I think I have the best attendence in our whole building!! The school secretary said that the entire staff was present today. The first time all year that there were no subs in the building. Today, was not a difficult day at school for me. The OT was in for about an hour (an extra adult in the room helps) plus my students had Music, Gym and Art. They don't stay very long in any of the specials classes, but tomorrow we have no specials.... that makes for a very long day!

After school, Pepper zipped out of school to watch Kiwi's bowling tournament, I walked quickly with Skip (we usually walk 20 times around the building.... today we only walked 10) because I had to get the boys to swim club. Megamom, another friend and teacher at school was supposed to join us, but she wimped out!! I haven't been keeping up with our walking routine at all through the break... so even 10 laps wore me out. I can't believe how sore I feel tonight.... I only took two weeks off! I do not get how walking can make my butt so sore... I must be walking wrong!! :) Hopefully, if I keep it up the walking my pain will lessen (I only like to be a pain THERE for other people!!) :)

Happy Monday all!!


  1. Well if your butt hurts, and my arms hurt, we MUST be walking wrong! How would it be that my arms hurt from walking??? I blame the long legs of other co-walkers.

  2. Hey they were being kind to us today too!! Aren't their legs ABNORMALLY long. I feel like a Chihuahua running beside Great Danes!! :)

    BTW... if you have time to comment... why don't you have time to post?!! :)