Friday, January 23, 2009

very disappointed....

The Biggest Loser group at school has become the Amazing Race. Our walking group is no longer fun. What kills me is I was going to quit. I had already decided that they were pushing too hard and were not interested in what I wanted.... nice conversation, a tension release from the hectic school day and a little time with friends. I know I am not a fast walker. I know everyone could "lap me" if they wanted... today they proved it. We had 4 new people join the group today. They had been talking about joining us for a few days and finally did. They said they were worried that we went too fast and that they would not be able to keep up... I foolishly assured them that it would not be a problem. Skip, Megamom and Pepper decided that it was no longer a club but an all out opportunity to haul ass and took off at top speed. Three of the new people and I continued at our normal pace, but it was obvious that we belonged on the short bus of the group. I really doubt any of them will feel comfortable joining the group again. I am really disappointed about that. I am also disappointed that I was even talked into coming back into the group. Skip, Megamom and Pepper all told me when I said I was quitting that they missed me and really liked having me in the conversation. Well they sure did not show it today.

I thought the goal of our walking club was to encourage each other and be supportive. I feel so let down. I hope my friends feel proud of their walking accomplishments, because all they did was make me feel like crap... discouraged and left out.


  1. Oh man....I am so sorry. I did miss you, and you do not belong on the short bus. You belong in a LIMO! I love you lots, value your friendship, conversation, humor, and insight, and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. :(

  2. i'm sorry - i wasn't thinking. I would rather walk with you than without you. 11