Friday, January 9, 2009

Healthy, wealthy and wise?

Ann Landers once said that when a couple argues about money... it isn't really about money. I think she was right. But today, Pepper and I had a little tiff about cash... or the lack of it. We spent about $100 more than we wanted at Sam's Club and it stressed both of us. Now keep in mind that we didn't buy diamonds or some luxury item. It was laundry detergent and carrots and chicken and potatoes and hamburger.... but it still threw us off a bit and we got into an argument. It was a long week and we are both pulled in lots of directions with work and its easy to get into a disagreement with each other because we've had lots of practice and survived it.

I think if we took a poll of our family and friends they would call us pretty well off in the scheme of things. In fact they would probably laugh to think that we could get into an argument over $100 lousy dollars. We have a big old farmhouse that we love, 2 cars and a fifth wheel RV to vacation in. We both have good jobs that are fairly secure, even though lots of jobs around us aren't. We also have 4 healthy, beautiful kids and can afford to invite a foreign exchange student into our home for a year who we already love like one of our own. Plus we have each other.  So, even though I was mad as heck a couple hours ago, and it felt like this $100 was gonna do us in...  Ann was right, it wasn't just about money. It was just stress and even when I was maddest I knew we'd get through it. Our friends and family would be right... we are well off. Don't get me wrong... we are still cash poor.... but who isn't nowadays?! 

22 years ago this week I met Pepper. In college. Our professors gave her the name Pepper... and they called me Salt. Because we were always together, we still are. Are we wealthy or what?!!

BTW... Dori just came in to ask for money. She wants to go to Victoria's Secrets tomorrow to bra shop with a friend of hers from school. In her mind, bras are a necessity and therefore should be paid for by me and Pepper... its not a bad theory but why would I have felt so much better if she told me she was buying bra's at Penney's or the softer side of Sears!?!

I'm sorry I love you Pepper! :) 11

(inside joke, right Pepper? Maybe I'll blog about it some day)

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