Thursday, January 8, 2009

These boots are made for walking

This morning the boys were getting ready for school and Dill asked how many inches of snow fell last night. Well, the news had said we were going to get 1, however from the view out our back porch it looked like we had more like 2 or 3. Pepper said, "probably 1-3 inches, why?" Dill replied that he was trying to decide if he should wear his shoes or if it was enough snow for him to wear his boots. I said it looked like quite a bit of snow and why couldn't he wear his boots and put his shoes in his backpack. Dill explained that his teacher would make him wear his boots outside for recess if he brought them even if he didn't need them. Pete asked Dill why that mattered. Dill replied that he didn't want to be the only one wearing boots because they'd all think he was weird. I thought I had a good response when I said, "Honey, its January. If you lived in Hawaii you would look funny. But you live in Michigan.... boots any day here would look just fine." He wore the boots... and came home from school saying he didn't need to.... indoor recess. 

Our walking group almost doubled in size today! We looked like quite the little club speed walking around the school. Lots of people were impressed by how fast we cruised around the building... but it was nice that a few of them actually joined us. Our times around increased to 25 (we usually due 10 to 20 laps)  Pepper and Skip (AKA... the long legged walkers) thought adding the extra laps would be fun and rewarding... but I couldn't tell you why. All I could hear was Megamom complaining about her shin splints!! We all survived the extra laps... but boy am I grateful for advil and a hot shower!!

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