Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kiwi's Birthday

Today we celebrated Kiwi's 17th birthday. She doesn't really turn 17 until Wednesday, but we took her out to dinner tonight. The weather was horrible.... we drove s-l-o-w-l-y all the way to Monroe in 4 wheel drive. Cars were slipping and sliding... but slowly and steadily we made it. 
The highlights..... Kiwi loved her new Nintendo DS system we gave her and shared her huge 'death by chocolate' cake dessert that the manager gave her special to celebrate her day (plus we were a HUGE group, so I am sure he felt it was ok to comp it!), all the kids enjoyed the trivia and Texas Hold'em games, Dad B salivated over the giant screen TV's and was trying to mentally rearrange furniture to fit one in his house. Pete is very good at Texas Hold'em but needs to work on his poker face. Dori and Macy are both pretty good at trivia (read: they beat Pepper and I!!) Dill was sleepy and got his gum stuck in his hair on the way home. I actually ate ribs--- with my fingers! I hate finger picky-up, messy food... but I did it. I left my fork on the table! Anyone who knows me knows this is very un-me. Dinner was good though, we all had a very nice time.

Also had a snowball fight with the boys. Pepper and I against Dill and Pete. We won, but barely! Next year we are in trouble. Both boys have very good aim!!

All the girls went to the mall with their friends, they are SUCH TEENAGERS!! But they had a nice time and went to all the "cool" stores that Pepper and I usually try to avoid when we are at the mall. The highlight was that they all got along pretty well, even Dori and Macy (small miracle!!)  and said it was a fun day.

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