Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not MEGA mom!!

Hurray!!! Megamom joined us for our daily walk after school today. She said it was because she was worried that her secret id meant that I thought she was a "Mega" (as in super-sized) Mom. That is not what I meant at all!! I am just so happy to know someone with more kids than me! Actually, now that I think about it, the first time I ever saw megamom she really was huge!! It was at our school district's opening day "pep" rally for teachers one year.... she was called down onto the stage.... I think it was to answer a question or win a prize, she was quite pregnant and actually was super-sized!! :) But she is not now.... big that is, I have no idea if she's pregnant again!! ;)

Yesterday, swim club started for the boys. The pool water was very cold because they turned the heater off during the winter break. The water temperature was 72 degrees. All the kids complained. Their skin turned a little blue but no pain, no gain right?!! The way this swim club works is the slowest swimmers (and those that can barely not sink) are in lane 1 and the kids move up the lanes as they become better swimmers. Pete has been in lane 5 or 6 for the last year or so, and Dill has been very content in Lane 1 since he joined the team a couple years ago. At breakfast this morning, Pepper asked Dill if he was still in lane 1. His response was, "No, I was the last survivor in lane 3." 

BTW... my suggestion for raising the water temperature was for the kids to pee in the pool. Pete was shocked and said, "Mom, sometimes I swallow a gulp of that water. That is so gross!!" Yeah, right... like I believe my boys have never peed in the pool. Dill answered that question quickly by responding with, "I peed in it. It was still too cold!!" Both boys laughed guiltily. I know my boys!!!


  1. I think your suggestion was a great one! Tell Pete, that urine is sterile, and any germs that may sneak in would get killed by the chlorine. Doesn't Survivor Man drink his pee? See you tomorrow!

  2. The question for you was about being pregnant again!! You avoided that one!! ;) hee hee!!