Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out for Mexican with Germans

Last night Dad B took the family out to dinner. He had a guest from Germany staying with him for a few days and wanted Boris to meet his family. Dad B met Boris online, they are both into comic books and have been online buddies for about three years. Boris had to come to Chicago for work then had a couple days to drive over and meet Dad B. For days we had been teasing Dad B that Boris was probably an axe murderer.... well known in Germany. We were all surprised that Dad B was letting Boris stay at their house.... no one more surprised than Dad D!!

Boris was very nice. Probably in his mid-20's. He spoke english very well and smiled a lot. I liked him. We also kept teasing Kiwi that they should become engaged. After all, they are both from Germany!  Dad B kept telling Kiwi that it was an old world custom that he choose the groom for our exchange student.... and that he should get a goat as the dowery. Goat? Heck, I'd want a BMW!!! Kiwi was not very amused but they were both very good about the teasing during dinner.

Boris is headed back to Germany today.... it was nice to have met him.

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